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We frame your African painting

You can order framed hand-painted African paintings. The Canvas is raised  up on a wedged frame. So you will be able to hang your new African painting immediately.
Certainly you can also order African paintings which are not framed and rolled. Thus you can opt for an individually chosen frame. Moreover any unframed African Painting can be shipped more quickly. 

Once you are sure that you prefer to have your painting framed, please kindly expect your delivery to be delayed for up to 10  days

Actually you can have your paintings framed in almost any hardware store in your area at a reasonable price. 

Another Alternative: Would you like show your craftsmanship and save costs?

In that case you you may want to order appropriate ledges and wedges. All that you need is a power stapler. 

Stretching the painting

Stretching your African Painting

Please Note: Framing does constitute an individual order an is as such non refundable.