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Frequently asked Questions on African Paintings, Extra Large Sized Paintings and Golf Paintings

What does My African Painting stand for?
My African Painting stands for African paintings, extra large sized paintings, and paintings displaying golf sports. We are an art marketplace with a focus on Africa.  We strive to enrich the homes and offices of our customers with African paintings, extra large paintings and golf paintings. My African Painting also stands for greatest possible customer satisfaction.

What is offered at My African Painting?
African paintings, extra large sized paintings, and paintings displaying golf sports. Most paintings are in standardized formats. All paintings are unique and genuinely hand painted. Most paintings come with African motifs. We also feature talented your African Artists such as Tugi and Alfred Mensa. All paintings hand made and signed by the artist.

Does the painting exactly look like the one displayed in the shop gallery? 
Regarding the more expensive paintings by artists like Mensa, Tugi or Olorunnisomo are actual photographs taken from the respective paintings. When it comes to the cheaper priced popular African Art and and large scale abstract paintings the actual photographs are not always taken from very painting that will be shipped to you. Slightly varying colours shades and texture variations are proof of the handmade originality of each and every painting. This holds true certainly and foremost also for our cheaper offerings. 

By what name are the African paintings signed?
Currently, most of the African Paintings are signed by Nana Boateng, Nii Lartey, Ayi Quaye, Ayo and Ade Yaa Amoa. This, however, may change over time. 

What qualities do the African paintings have?
All hand made paintings at My African Painting or either oil or acrylic on canvas. They are painted with great care and high quality colors.

Why does My African Painting predominantly offer the African Paintings without frames?
Framing is always an important part of the artwork and depends on the on the hanging position of your painting. Therefore it is decisive that you customize your painting according to your home of office with a suiting frame. However, you have the possibility to buy your African painting or your golf painting stretched on a wedged frame. If not offered with your desired painting please contact us. 

Where can I get my African Painting framed?
If you need assistance in finding a service provider for the framing, we will provide you a list with local partners. You can also find a reasonable priced stretching (wedged frame) at your local hardware store.

Why does My African Paintings offer unique hand painted artefacts at such low prices?
You benefit both from our long time relations with our artist and the fact that we do not maintain any expensive high street gallery. 

Is it legally safe to buy replicas?
Yes, we offer only those replicas that are copyright safe. Furthermore, they are never presented with the names of the original artist.

Which countries do the motifs of My African Painting originate from?
The motifs originate mostly from Sub Sahara Africa, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, and Kenya. In addition, some motifs come from North America and the Caribbean. 

How do I pay?
Currently there are three options available, namely prepayment by bank transfer, PayPal, and cash on delivery. Please note that cash on delivery attracts extra charges the must be borne by you.

How will my order be packaged?
The African Paintings, extra large paintings and golf paintings are rolled with a protective plastic film and shipped in appropriate cardboard tubes. These cartons provide the best possible protection for the shipping of the paintings.

How long shall I wait for my order?
When shipped directly from stock, the delivery time is 4 days or less. For delivery outside Germany longer delivery times apply. the deadline may extend by a few days. For commissioned paintings and featured artists longer deliver times apply as stated in the offering. 

Can African Paintings be rented?
Yes, in order to do this, please contact.

What measures do I need to take for the maintenance of  My African Painting?
The best care is no care at all! However, you may want to avoid exposing your painting to direct sunlight, because this could eventually allow the colors to fade.

What type of canvas is used?
For the standardized paintings our artists use industrially manufactured canvas, that is characterized by high durability and flexibility when stretched.

Can I place an order outside Germany?
Certainly, yes. If you encounter any difficulties with the order process please contact us. Please note that customs duties for you may apply in some countries, outside the European Union.

Can I specify a different delivery address?
Yes, you can.